My first league game!

My first league game!

Me: uh, i can’t see anything.. how uh?
Hans: try tilting your visor up a bit see how it goes.
Me: Huh? are you sure that’s safe?
Ang: You try doing that la see what your ref supervisor say.
Me: ok i’ll just put it like it’s meant to be.

8 mins into game: puck flies directly into visor cauz out of position huhuhu

That being said, first league game DOWN. 🙌🏼

Thanks y’all for saying i’m doing fine, but i’ve come to realize reffing in the league, fine doesn’t make the cut. There’s a million and one excuses anyone could make for me for missing offsides and uncertain icing calls and not realizing an empty net and worst, still being out of position, but i’m buying none. Next game I’ll be better than today, just wait. Don’t sugarcoat your comments when y’all talk to me.

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