How do you become a referee?

How do you become a referee?

; Second penalty into the game, smol boy asked Yoann: How do you become a referee?

Either he’s really upset about his penalty or he’s really upset about our reffing.


Last night woz a hellava skate. First time reffing the peewees, first time reffing without a senior ref, first time reffing 2 long league games back to back and first time doing shoot out.

I think i woz getting a little too comfortable with the Majors, half knowing that they actually look out for me on the ice (what kind of hockey players are they for actually looking out for refs?! 😍). Reffing the peewees threw me off my comfort zone. They were expecting all the basics rights of every hockey player – a ref that’s experienced enough to watch over them. I can’t remember how nervous I woz. It’s one thing to keep reffing with senior refs where you just listen and absorb. Last night woz great experience reffing with Cael, throwing subtle hints across the ice tog, standing tog during the game making a decision that we weren’t sure of together (turns out it woz an alright decision!)

I think choosing not to sleep in on a beautiful saturday missing the ref course this year woz the best decision made ever. Can’t wait to be amongst the ranks!

Also, failed skating test. fml.

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