Day 1: Hello there.

Day 1: Hello there.

When I was working for a Japanese company, there was something that they taught that had always stuck with me. Perhaps because I did the same in school as well, I think journaling really helps one improve.

So here’s me, logging my reffing activities, hoping that I’ll one day be wearing those stripes at IIHF games.

A bit about me, I’ve recently picked up reffing. I’m at the stage where I’m like a sponge – learning everything from everyone. Supervisors, players, coaches, parents. Each time after my game I found myself to be doing my reflections on Facebook with the hashtag JourneyToTheStripes. Hence this blog.

So here, I invite y’all to journey with me through my blog. Leave your comments your reflections of being a Ice Hockey referee too! I’d love to hear from referees from all over the world your experiences, whether you’re new or you’re a seasoned referee!

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